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International and domestic freight transport by road
Freight transport by rail
Customs clearance
Logistics – Warehousing
  • Transport of full loads up to 24 tons of payload
  • Transport of partial loads
  • Express goods transport
  • Refrigerated freight transport
  • Freight consolidation (groupage)
  • Receipt and dispatch of freight wagons
  • Initial and final legs of combined transport carried out by rail
  • Loading and unloading of freight wagons in Győr
  • Export and import clearance
  • Electronic customs clearance
  • Deferred customs payment
  • Transit guarantee
  • Authorised consignee and consignor status
  • Simplified customs clearance procedure
  • Developing logistics processes that meet our partners’ needs
  • Distribution of goods
  • Computerised, parcel number-based warehousing, inventory management using state-of-the-art IT infrastructure
  • Goods manipulation
  • Warehouse statistics and statements
  • Public bonded warehousing
  • Consolidated warehousing
About Intertranscoop Kft.

The company was established in 1990 by professional Hungarian investors. We gradually developed our equipment base, warehouse network and modern infrastructure necessary for our freight forwarding and transport activities. The foundations of warehouse logistics were established in 1999.

Our 5.5-hectare logistics park is located in the immediate vicinity of the production plant of Audi Hungária Zrt., on the outskirts of the Industrial Park of Győr. The motorway is a 3-kilometre drive by road.

Our second site is also at a busy location, 1.5 kilometres away from the first site, nearer the town centre of Győr.

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Accurate, reliable work
Accurate, reliable work

We perform our tasks in every case at the highest level, in accordance with our partners’ expectations.

100% goods security
100% goods security

Our company puts particular emphasis on the security of both the valuables being transported and those stored in our warehouses. In addition to a 24-hour manned security service, security is ensured at our sites by an automated licence plate recognition system, a video surveillance system and an alarm system.

Qualified workforce
Qualified workforce

Our colleagues are highly experienced professionals who have all been employed by the company for several years, allowing us to fully satisfy our clients’ needs.

Modern infrastructure
Modern infrastructure

Our warehouses, handling devices and transportation equipment all represent state-of-the-art technology.

Favourable pricing
Favourable pricing

Every one of our quotes is preceded by consultations with our partner, so that we can perform the exact task at the most favourable service fee.

Protection of the environment
Protection of the environment

By continuously renewing our equipment, constantly modernising our warehouses and complying with our environment policy, we contribute to the protection of our environment.

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Any problems with loading and unloading?

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Any problems with loading and unloading?