Real property

Warehouse hall for rent!
In the immediate vicinity of Audi Hungária Zrt. and the Industrial Park of Győr, i.e. at the busiest location of Győr from an industrial point of view. For more information, please call +36 20 326-2088.

Intertranscoop Nemzetközi Szállítmányozási és Kereskedelmi Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Central telephone number: +36 96 514-510
Central telefax: +36 96 429-838
Central email:

Cég adatok
TAX number: 10378931-2-08
Community tax number: HU 10378931
account number:
Forint: HUF 14100275-86030449-01000007
EURO: EUR 14100275-86030448-01000008

About Intertranscoop Kft.

The company was established in 1990 by professional Hungarian investors. We gradually developed our equipment base, warehouse network and modern infrastructure necessary for our freight forwarding and transport activities. The foundations of warehouse logistics were established in 1999.

Our 5.5-hectare logistics park is located in the immediate vicinity of the production plant of Audi Hungária Zrt., on the outskirts of the Industrial Park of Győr. The motorway is a 3-kilometre drive by road.

Our second site is also at a busy location, 1.5 kilometres away from the first site, nearer the town centre of Győr.

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